Safeseat Seat Sanitiser

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Of all the washroom fixtures or surfaces with which skin contact is made in normal use, the toilet seat is undoubtedly the most heavily contaminated.

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Even seemingly clean toilet seats harbour vast numbers of harmful bacteria. Easy to use, Safe seat provides the individual with the opportunity to clean and sanitize the toilet seat effectively before use.


  • Stylish robust cabinet.
  • Effective cleaning & sanitizing.
  • Ultra-quick drying chemical.
  • Pleasantly perfumed.
  • 10 year guarantee against defects in parts and workmanship.


  • Dimensions (248mm high x 115mm wide x 83mm deep).
  • 3000 metered sprays per refill.
  • Keyed lock for added security.
  • Optimised spray pattern.
  • Easy change pouch refill.