Babyminder Vertical Baby Changer in White

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  • Compact ultra-slim profile.
  • Heavy-duty integral moulded hinges for strength and safety.
  • Gas-strut dampened for controlled and safe opening/closing.
  • Easy-load integral moulded dual liner dispensers, fully encapsulated for hygiene assurance.
  • Twin integral moulded bag-hooks for convenience.
  • Soft-feel waterproof retaining strap for comfort & hygiene protection.
  • Heavy-duty fixings for safety assurance.
  • Large radius internal contours for comfort and safety.
  • 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee against defects in parts and workmanship. Details on request.
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  • Construction: Microtextured, colour-fast L.D.P.E.
  • Loading: Tested up to 100kg.
  • Opening Angle: Opens to 87? (slightly tilting changing surface to the wall).
  • Retaining Strap: Fully adjustable, colour co-ordinated heavy-duty.
  • Nylon. Unique easy change feature.
  • Liner Capacity: Up to 30 liners per unit.
  • Installation Kit: Dual purpose heavy-duty fixings suitable for fixing to timber studs and solid wall installations.
  • 903mm H x 560mm W x 112mm D.

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