Aerosol Refill for Airoma Airfreshner Unit

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Packed x 12 3000 shot refills per case. Priced per case.

8 Fragrances.



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Airoma fragrances offer style and impact options to match all preferences.

All Airoma fragrances are suitable for use in most automatic aerosol dispensers, including the Airoma Automatic Odour Control system).

Airoma fragrances contain Airoma nol odour counteractant to neutralize malodours.

Fragrance Product Code
Cool AERO-01
Mystique AERO-02
Herbal Fern AERO-03
Citrus Tingle AERO-04
Baby Face AERO-05
Amber Shade AERO-06
Exotic Garden AERO-07
Floral Silk AE

Airoma is a registered trademark