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Will your customers remember your washrooms for the right reasons?

Visiting customers often judge the quality of a company by the condition of the washrooms. A clean, well stocked and fresh smelling washroom says a lot to your customers and staff about your company.

Alphasan provides a full washroom service allowing you to focus on your core business. We utilise modern, innovative and user friendly products which will ensure that your washroom is continuously fresh and that dispensers are consistently well stocked and fully operational.

Alphasan's philosophy is to provide our customers with a reliable, discreet and world class washroom service.

Our services are based on an all inclusive rate which covers the supply, installation, ongoing maintenance and provision of consumables used by the dispensers provided.

Our experience in the washroom service industry has enabled us to select a reliable range of unique and innovative products which we use in the deployment of our services. With exclusive access to some fifteen different product manufacturers worldwide, Alphasan ensures that only the best products and the most up to date technology in washroom servicing are used for our customers' washroom.

Services are provided on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly frequency depending on our customers’ particular requirements. All consumables except for paper are included within our service fee structure.

As a value added service during our regular service visits, we will monitor your toilet tissue and washroom paper consumable consumption and supply on the spot if inventories are running low. You never need to run out of toilet paper again.

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