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Femcare System


Electronic no-touch sanitary disposal system:- lid opens automatically when activated by hand movement within 20mm of the electronic sensor.

Contemporary design. Sleek and slimline to fit into even the smallest of cubical spaces.

The Alphasan Femcare System uses the Biosan sanitising powder which eliminates 99,5% of all known bacteria and viruses including Hep B and HIV. Biosan treatment products are formulated entirely from natural ingredients such as essential oils and other plant extracts, making them totally safe and biodegradable, whereas conventional feminine hygiene bin treatments utilise hazardous and harmful chemicals to produce a toxic gas. These chemicals, which may be in liquid or tablet form, and the gas they produce present potential dangers for the washroom user and the service operative and have long term adverse environmental impact.


The same unit as the Femcare System - electronic sensor in every respect, except the manual unit has no auto “hands free” feature. 

An active ingredient is added to the inner liner which neutralises airborne odour and bacteria. 

Slimline to suit even the smallest of cubical spaces.

Proof of service confirmations are emailed in real time, indicating date and time of service completion.

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